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I have been doing Piano classes every week for almost 2 years now. I decided to start playing as a hobby as I wanted to learn a skill that was fun and helpful for me.  In addition, I always wanted to be able to look at a page of notes and be able to play it on the piano.

My goal for my piano lessons this year is to be able to fully learn and be able to easily plan the piano with both my left and right hand.

As I can plan with my right hand with ease, but I do not know/am not able to play with my left yet.

My next goal is by the end of the year to be able to play  7-10 songs with my left and right hand with or without looking at the notes.


I have been part of SAISA since I was in grade 5 or 2013 and I have continued to be part of it till the present day. I have participated in over 10 SAISA Events. 8 being SAISA swimming 1 badminton and 1 SAISA track and field. I have gone to 5 Schools ( TAISM, LS, ACS, ASB, AISC) and competed against 10 schools.

My Activity’s for this year. I plan to participate in 2-3 SAISA’s.

Season 1: I want to make the SAISA swim team. By training every possible day I can from Monday and Wednesday morning and then the Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday practices. If I do make the SAISA team I aspire to make 2 out of the 3 relay teams which include the 4×100 Free relay and the 4×50 IM medley relay and Break the SAISA records with that team.  In addition to that, I want to beat all my PBs from last year and Possible gets top 3 in said events.

Season 2: I Plan to make the SAISA Track and Field team and Try and come top 3 in the Discus by throwing 28 meters and the 2nd place in shotput by throwing 10.5 meters.



I am Part of the Gecko Inc Service Group. For this year of Service, I plan to be more proactive during my service hours and also I want to be more involved during and after hours. I want to make sure that the kids that we are teaching during that 1 hour every service are the most fun possible while also learning something. I plan to work along with Marco and Jack the other 2 service leader to maximize the time we have in the pool. For the best experience for the kids.

One way I plan to do this is by having more organized and structured teaching styles and make sure every kid has the attention of one of the teachers in the pool. During this time I am going to split the kids up into 3 different sections. The first section being for the kids who don’t have any experience or close to any at all. This group is going to have out of the 8 student teachers we have 4 will be allocated there. These kids need the most attention as they are highest prone to drowning and we need to be careful with these kids.

The next Group is the intermediate group where kids have some knowledge of swimming. They can Float and sort of kick/ Pull.  Most of if not all the kids in this group do not require a belt and these kids have some English skills. 2/3 Student teachers will be allocated here depending on the numbers.

The final group is the Advanced group will have all kids who can float, Kick/ pull and are able to be in the deep end. These kids Marco and I will take as these kids are most experience and as we are both swimmers, we can teach them if they want different strokes and also how to dive into a pool.

My next goal is by the end of the DP 1 I want to get these kids Swim goggles as most of these kids lack the proper equipment to swim. Even last year most kids didn’t have proper swimsuits and what we did was we got them swimsuits through our fundraiser. So this year we plan to start a fundraiser of some sort to get the kids the Goggles



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