CAS Project #2 Gecko Inc Videos Update

Gecko Inc

As my service journey comes to an end, one of my final, duties as the service leader was to finish as much as possible, just before we hand it off to the new leaders of Gecko Inc. So far the Gecko Inc service group has finished the first video of our 3 part series.

The Beginners video “Episode1”

This video includes the basics of swimming which we at Gecko Inc have been teaching the kids, every time they come over till they are ready to move onto the next level.

Skills included:

  1. Floating near the wall and in the middle of the pool.
Andrew Showcasing how to “Float” without the assistance of a wall
  1. Breathing underwater with & without the support of a wall
Ritheek and Andrew Floating + Holding their breath on their stomachs
Jack, Ritheek & Andrew Holding their breaths underwater whistleblowing bubbles
  1. Kicking while holding the Wall
Andrew, Ritheek & Jack, holding the wall while kicking


  1. Basic Freestyle movements
Jack and Ritheek Performing basic freestyle arm pulls

All these skills are essential life skills that help the kids have the basics of swimming. The kid’s ability to float is particularly important especially as we live on an island. We aim for the kids to be ready and prepared for instances where they would find themself in a situation where they might be stuck in a lake or pool they would be prepared and they know how to safely move to the side/ shore.

Video is currently in the editing process but the video will include;

  1. Basic Kick and Pulling without the assistance of a wall
  2. Basic Diving Position
  3. Basic Push of the wall + while holding breath

Each video opens with an obvious disclaimer not permitting any swimmer who watches these videos to perform any of the activities without supervision, to avoid any chances of a swimmer being hurt.

CAS Learning Outcomes.

  • Challenge & skills.
    • This was demonstrated through the challenge of planning and executing a scripted informational video.
    • Furthermore, people who were demonstrating certain activities required skills to properly inform and teachers kids watching this video.
  • Initiative & planning.
    • This was demonstrated through the planning and taking initiative during a time (covid) where it was very hard to execute any plans due to the restrictions. This required many hours of planning beforehand, in scripts and where we can film, etc.
  • Working collaboratively with others.
    • This was demonstrated through the collaboration between the service leaders ( Jack, Giulia, and I) and collaborating with the service members of Gecko Inc.
  • Global engagement.
    • This video was aimed to have direct positive externality as it helps kids even in a time where it’s hard for kids to teach kids face to face, we are still trying to help and teach kids who don’t have access to a pool.






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