COMUN Workshop


COMUN Delegate Conferences Workshop 2019 

The Colombo Model United Nations Delegate Conferences Workshop 2019 was held in the Overseas School Colombo and the purpose of this conference workshop was to help us decided what committee we wanted to join and the different procedures there were in place. We were advised to take notes throughout the workshop and ask as many questions.

The Different committees included General Assembly 3  (GA3), General Assembly 2 (GA1), United Nations Environment Programme which was a new course this year that had a lot of interest this year including me.  Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). International Court of Justice (ICJ), another committee that I had high interest in but was considered one of the hardest committees to debate in as the topics are all real-life examples we need to have concise arguments that are pro or against. Security Council (SC) and finally International Press (IP). International Press is the journalist group of the MUN and its where 2/3 people are a journalist for each committee and this one piqued my interest the most and at the end, I decided to choose this Committee and in addition, I got to be the journalist for ICJ so at the end I got what I wanted to 2 way. As I found the committee ICJ very interesting and now I can listen in but not debate and have the stress.

The International Press in Addition to acting like journalists they have to write one 500-600 word article on one of the topics that your committee that you have been assigned to in the eyes of an organization such as BBC, CNN, Reuters, etc. You have to write articles like them, have the same bias ( Hard left, Left, Middle, Right, hard Right)  as well as have similar layouts as your organization and writing style so it’s like it was written by the company.  Finally, it was expressed on the last day of the Actually COMUN conference that the last day is called “Crisis” where each committee will be given twitter accounts and will have to give live updates on the situation in each committee.

The Organisation that I was assigned to was Reuters. I personally choose them as they are a general neutral and simple organization to mimic when writing articles however they are known for having information that is always credible and it’s delivered in the most concise and clear way possible. It allows me to write good articles and with the right information, I can deliver.

Learning outcomes

  • Challenge & skills.
  • Initiative & planning.
  • Working collaboratively with others.
  • Showing perseverance and commitment.
  • Global engagement.

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