Staying Active during Covid19

Covid19 Activity

During Covid19 it has been especially hard to stay active during this time because of the lack of availability to do any sports. However, that didn’t stop be over the summer and during my lockdown to stay active.  One instance of my taking initiative was biking with Mr. Lockwood over the weekends and biking on my own time.

In a previous post (Quarantine Biking), I mentioned how I had 3 bikes, and I finally managed to fix my bikes so I was very relieved that I could bike again.

My first bike back was with Mr.Lockwood and His son, where we biked around the back area of School where there are limited cars and a lot of routes.

We started around 9 am on a Sunday. At first, I was pretty excited and ready to bike longer distances as I had been very limited areas to bike in my area because of the main roads. But once I was taken on this back road I realized how fun it was. During the ride we drove across many areas I was very familiar with and I just didn’t know existed it was interesting to see all these back roads which allowed us to the bike.

In total, we biked around 25KM ( I forgot to start tracking 4 Km into the ride).  Overall it was an amazing time and helped me get more familiar with the area I live in.

The next Monday I deiced to explore more of my area, I didn’t bike as far as I wasn’t as familiar with the area, but I started to find new routes and new places to bike. dwaddDuring this ride I explored the parliment side of my Area, I saw many smaller roads aswell as find new areas. there was a lot of wildlife and very secluded areas in a very populated areas.


Overall exploring an finding new areas to bike is always something I enjoy i continue to bike every week as much as possbile to maintain some fitness during a time where it is very hard to be fit and keeping a health body.

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