Quarantine Sports 6/1/2020

Quarantine Sports

In Light of the Shutdown and lockdown of Sri Lanka and the world, my urge to do sports has increased, as restless days where I’m sitting on my desk doing DLP and sitting in my bed watching Youtube videos, I knew around the 2nd week of quarantine I had to get my act together and start getting active. I knew that I had a Field next to me which I could easily do some activity. The story of my fitness regime is in 3 stories or Parts, each with a different Bike.

1st Bike

My first bike, my green bike seen in the image above was the “pre-season” getting used to the terrain and biking on uneven terrain as the field had a lot of bumps and these first 3 weeks or s

o I was trying to get used to the track and trying to find the best line which least bumps and resistance as it was grass track.

At this point, I have been doing 6km bikes around 17minutes on average at a 3minut

e pace per Km. My goal at this point was to every day reduce that average pace per Km down by a second every single day and to my surprise it was didn’t take long wherein I cut 10 seconds off my average pace best. To the point whereby the end of the first month, my average pace per km in a 6km distance was 2minutes and 32 seconds. But sadly all good things must sadly come to an end and the puncture of my green bikes back tire was the end to that bike and its run with me.

2nd bike

My second bike a road bike with thin tires. This was my second bike and I had a lot of promise with this bike, as it was a faster bike, so I had a lot of hope in reducing my average even more and more, but this bike sadly never got to the say the day of light as this bike only lasted me ONE day, I was biking towards the field and a nail had punctured the back tire and before it even started it had ended.

3rd bike

The 3rd bike was by far my strongest bike, this bike was the one where I pushed the boundaries of my abilities, I felt very comfortable with my 6km pace and what I achieved and by the end my best ever a time for the 6km time was 14 minutes and 30 seconds compared to when I started where it took me almost an extra 3 minutes. I started doing a combination of 10km sets and 30-minute duration workouts. As it took around 30 minutes on average to do 10km. That average out to be around 3mins per Km but I wanted to go sub 3 minutes as my average and that is exactly what I did each day I had been getting better and better times, which my average pace per 10km reduce 1 or 2 seconds each day. By the end, my best time for the 10km pace was 2:42 at a final time of 26:53. But once again the faithful nail in the ground ended the journey of my Red bike and the final of bikes.

At this point on average, I have been doing around 60-70 km per week and from the start to the end I have Biked over 400 km with my top speed of 45km/h on grass, best pace ever of 58 seconds per Km. The best average pace in 6km was 2 minutes and 32 seconds and in the 10km was 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

Afterward, I started to play football and started to run with my mum to supplement the loss of my biking career :(.

1 positive that came out of the quarantine sports was firstly I am very fit as of now, and on top of that I have lost around 10kgs, At the start of quarantine I weighed 72kgs and now I am just around 62kgs and in addition, I had made a lot of friends, many of them very just very admired at my commitment to biking to the point where I was called biker boy and other such associated with the bike.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strength & growth
    • I Show Strenght and growth through my 2 1/2 month biking sense as my ability to firstly biking and training every day will show improvements in my strength as a biker which will allow me to push my self more and more, growth I saw was both mentally and physical my mental strength to push more when I think cant was a crucial aspect for my improvement and betterment in my cycling abilities.
  • Challenge & skills.
    • Challenge and skills was another learning outcome I certainly improved on as I was pushing my self every day to try and get a better pace average every single day and this built my skills and abilities as well furthermore once I saw that the 6km was getting too easy I bumped up the distances to try and challenge myself further.
  • Initiative & planning.
    • Initiative and planning that took for me to get to where I am right now weren’t as tough but it required to take initiative and every time I didn’t “feel” like going I had to push through the take control of my situation and really grit and push.
  • Showing perseverance and commitment.
    • This post also shows perseverance and commitment as I had a goal in mind and without being committed and showing perseverance i wouldn’t have achieved that goal, I had to be 100% committed to pushing myself and trying as hard as possible everyday.

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