It’s been extremely difficult to maintain fitness during COVID-19, but I’ve been trying. This includes body weight workouts (e.g. push-ups, pull-ups, dips etc.) along with running. In both of the aforementioned activities, I’ve made considerable progress over the past few months. For the bodyweight workouts, I can do more reps (indicating I’ve gotten stronger), and now I can run faster (covering the same distance in a shorter period of time).

Screenshot of Run from Adidas Running App (click to see the photo more clearly)

Evidence of the increase in running speed can be seen in the above screenshot. For context, in this post, I ran roughly the same distance (5.20km instead of 5.30km) in a longer period of time (roughly 36 mins instead of 24 mins). For both of these runs, I put in what felt like the same amount of effort. The fact I was much faster is clearly indicative of progress.

As school has now opened up physically, I am now also engaging in other sports recreationally, particularly volleyball and soccer. Recently, in advisory, I also played volleyball with my fellow peers. This helps with footwork and agility, skills that were hard to train during the pandemic.