With the pandemic and distance learning, along with the onslaught of assignments such as IAs, TOK Presentation, EE etc., it has been difficult to continue to engage in creative activities.┬áNonetheless, I’ve tried my best to engage in both the Advocate (our school’s literary magazine), and the SGA (Student Government Association).

In the SGA, we are trying to plan for the upcoming Spirit Week. For context, Spirit Week refers to a week with “themes” for each day of the week. An example would be “pajama day”, where students are strongly encouraged to come to school in Pajamas. Spirit Week is quite an old OSC tradition, and hence coming up with new ideas is challenging.

The Advocate is trying to publish a new magazine for this semester. This has been particularly difficult as it requires collaboration from multiple people, and Seniors have submission deadlines for coursework which often collide with Advocate’s internal deadlines. Thus, I haven’t able to make as many contributions as I’d like. Nonetheless, I’ve still made contributions in the form of editing the Advocate website, making posters encouraging people to partake in the Advocate (which are often featured in the Daily Bulletin).

Some of the latest submissions to the Advocate (as posted on the website)