This year I joined the Reefkeepers, which is different from the service I was in last year. The aim of the Reefkeepers is to spread awareness and take action regarding coral preservations in Sri Lanka. Actions included physically cleaning the beaches, selling and promoting eco-friendly merchandise. Whilst none of that is possible, we are still trying to promote eco-friendly practices at home through various posters, and we (with the help of our vendor) are trying to possibly organize deliveries at home for the products we are designing.

Members of the Eco-School committee discussing and assigning responsibilities as needed.

Similarly, I have also joined the Eco-schools group! The purpose of this group is to take steps to make our school a green school, and then get an official certificate from the Eco-schools organization. Due to the scale of this endeavor, the collaboration between various parts of the OSC community is crucial. This involves raising awareness about this initiative in school, and ensuring that everyone is doing their part to be eco-friendly. As the community also involves teachers, staff, and parents, their involvement is also necessary, and which is what I’m focusing on. I’m doing this by contacting people who’d be possibly interesting and designing forms that make it easy to express interest and join the OSCĀ  Eco-school committee.