The following are the CAS Goals I will aim to achieve over the two years as I progress through the Diploma Programme. They outline what i aspire to achieve in the areas of creativity, activity and service. 
      • I would like to learn how to play the piano, and improve to the point of where I can at least play beginner pieces. Thus, I address the Learning Outcome 2.
      • Furthermore, I would like to expand my photo and video editing / recording skills. I am going to address this by joining the Gecko Net service group, and online courses.
      • I would like to continue training and make the SAISA Track and Field team. Furthermore, I would also like to improve my race times by at least 5 seconds for each race. Thus, I address Learning Outcome 4.
      • I would also like to try out and make the SAISA Soccer team, as that has been something I’ve been interested in for a while, but never got a chance to pursue.


      • For my service goals, I would like to be an active and engaged member of the Gecko Net service group, and contribute wherever and however possible. Thus, Learning Outcome 5.
      • Many service groups need and want to increase their online presence. An example of this would be RCCI who have requested some help in that regard. Thus, I will be making a website for RCCI.
      • I would also like to make a basic guide on photo editing using Lightroom and the other apps used by Gecko Net, so they are more accessible for the majority of the people.