Normally, schools would be physically open during this time and I’d be partaking in our school’s SAISA (South Asian Inter-Scholastic Association) Track and Field team. However, this isn’t possible due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, I’ve continued with physical activities, improvising when required (Learning Outcome (LO) 4)). This has previously included bodyweight workouts and now has expanded to include longer runs as well.

Screenshot of one of my many runs.

This is largely possible due to the fact that lockdown is somewhat easing up, however, social distancing is still something I’m mindful of (LO 7). In addition, our school is organizing screen-free days, in which we can focus on our fitness. Using this opportunity, I’m now actively incorporating longer runs into my routine (LO 3), and keeping a record of them using the Adidas running app on my phone. This also allows me to track my progress, as I can confirm how long it took me to cover a certain distance, and my heartbeat during that time (LO 1).

In conclusion, I’m keeping active and healthy despite the pandemic, If / When the school physically opens, I’m also ready to participate in the SAISA activities offered, and perhaps play sports recreationally (such as volleyball and basketball).