My original plan for addressing the Creativity component of CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service) was primarily leading and contributing to “The Advocate” (a literary magazine), alongside individual creative pursuits such as image editing (with tools such as but not limited Photoshop). Due to COVID-19, it seems to be difficult to partake in the Advocate (though I’ve been in touch with my fellow Advocate members to design an online magazine) (LO#3, LO#5).

Regarding photo editing, I’ve been primarily learning how to touch up photos and visually improving them (though this is largely subjective), while preserving as much detail as possible (LO#4). In addition to this, I’ve been learning to make use of the multitude of tools provided by such software. An example is provided in the below photo, where the leaves and other details have been made more vibrant through editing the saturation, contrast alongside other settings (note uploading the images here to Campus Press has reduced the quality of the images, thus it might be difficult to tell the improvement between the photos) (LO#2).

Original image (taken by the author in a previous school trip to Vietnam)

Image slightly edited by author

In addition to this, I have been pursuing other creative endeavours such as creating sun visors for others to wear while playing sports such as volleyball (as it is very sunny in Sri Lanka). Note that this was during the time period our school was open.

The author making an outline for the sun visor

Thus, despite the coronavirus, I am still partaking in creative opportunities whenever possible, and am aiming to improve my photo editing skills, as well as possibly explore photography (using my dad’s DLSR) (LO#1).