Change In physical Activity Running to Yoga

Although I find I do more walks than Yoga, I’d rather choose yoga to document. Although I do walks, I mainly just do it for outside time, and never have any real goals in mind, which makes the walk feel mundane and flat. However, I think yoga can help with that, as there will often be many poses that influence different parts of the body. With that, It can make my documentation easier, as I can explain what poses/activities I did and how it affects X body part. My mother is a yoga teacher and has a subscription for an online yoga site with many videos. from that, I can then search for different types of yoga classes, as they usually span of 30 minutes. Another advantage is that there are a varierty of yoga poses which are used in many classes, although often use they still have complexity to them which i can descrive. Unlike walking where its one type of walk, with not much to explain

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