Cat family 2

Kittens :

they seem to be growing healthily now, they are no longer malnourished and we have been weighing them and they continue to gain. although Shiro is still the smaller of the two, they are stil eating healthily, so there does not need to be a worry of them having a disease. Vaccines will still need to be done, but because they are very small its easy to pick them up and bring them to the vet



Now ginger had had some events. Firstly the most concerning is that we want to try to neuter her, however, she does seem to already be pregnant again, it’s unfortunate but I think we will need to abort them.  This isn’t really laziness, but it’s already a handful trying to take care of a mama cat and then 2 kittens, it would be a lot harder with 1 mom, 2 juveniles, and then X newborn kittens. However capturing her is proving quite difficult, I try to gently grab her but she always moves away. My dad tried a bit stronger, but she lashed out and cut him a bit. we sent some messages to vets, to see if they may have a cage or trap we can try to capture her.

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