Violin Practice

On the 2nd of November, I had my first (online) violin lesson since perhaps march. over that time I did practice my usual pieces, but only recently I’ve started some new ones to keep it different. It is difficult in our current time to really give a direction to what I’m meant to practice, usually, I would practice scales, songs, and sight-reading for the ABRSM, however, there is really no idea when or if they will come here. I personally would not be surprised that by the time they come, they have released a new set of songs and scales for the curriculum, which in the tale would make my learning of the previous songs null. For now, I’m practicing a piece from the Suzuki Violin book 4. I felt that my sight-reading has gotten better, so I could play the beginning half of it.

For now, I am practicing it slower, as to not challenge myself. Depending on how I feel I am learning, I may also try practicing pieces that may have nothing related to the Suzuki book or anything formal. for example, there is a piece of music I am interested in. Dance Macabre      . However, I most definitely believe that I will play other pieces before taking this one, as it is particularly long, as well as, challenging as it has sections that require playing on two strings at once. Another problem which could also have a solution online is that it has a piano accompaniment

Below is an image of the online lesson we had

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