Ginger vet experience + future

We decided to bring Ginger to the vet initially for spaying but we found out we had to do it later. It was somewhat difficult to put Ginger in our kennel so she could be moved. Eventually, it worked and I made sure to wear some gloves and a long-sleeved shirt as protection from any scratching. My dad had a camera going and this is a video of it

As mentioned earlier we wanted to spay her but we would have to wait as we needed to vaccinate her. It was advised by the vet, but without the vaccines, it was possible she would catch them during/after the surgery. So we gave her them and in about 2-3 weeks’ time we may try to bring her back. While we had taken care of her since around the beginning of March last year she has given birth to a total of 6 kittens and unfortunately, 2 passed away. They had brought much joy and love to our world but as my family and I are leaving we don’t want her to be alone to continue having litters as without our support it could be a cycle of life and death. I’ll always remember Tora and Sugar will try my best to make sure I take care of any kittens wherever I go. I learnt a great deal in both raising and trying to keep them alive.

No description available.

Rest In Peace Sugar May 2020 – You left a paw print on our hearts. Forever Loved


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Tora – You loved us since the beginning and we will love you till the end April 2020


If only I had done better



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