Kitten update + Ginger

during the last week, my family and I were worried as we could not find the kittens. I’d often climb the wall looking for them, but just yesterday we found them again in our basement

Although we want to interact with them I think they’re to young for that. When we do pick them up they get quite loud especially the black one called Kuro. we also noticed that when we put them into a different box they would hide under the towel we think they were too sensitive to the light. We just make sure that Ginger is well fed and hopefully they will grow well.

Another possible future one is getting Ginger to the vet. Although it is better if we vaccinate than neuter we think we should neuter her without the vaccine. She is a more stray cat and we think that once shes had the first trip to the vet she will not be willing to go again. For now, we’re just trying to get her comfortable with the carrier as she is very skeptical about entering it.

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