PYP 1 Advisory

After receiving a positive response from the MYP1 advisors, our service group decided should go back for one more. But this time, PYP5. We came up with this idea when we got to know that the students of PYP5 had to do the exhibition. So, we thought that this would be an appropriate time to talk to all of them about how to be an active listener because most of them were supposed to be working in groups of 4 or 5 and to have a dispute within the groups is pretty natural. We primarily wanted to teach them how to avoid it but also how to deal with it properly.

The fact that our target audience was a group of kids of ages 10 and 11, we wanted to be extremely careful about how we decide to present things. We wanted it to be simple but efficient enough for them to understand and use it. We also made handouts for every single one of them so that they would forget any of it.

We led the advisory on April 10 in the presence of the PYP5 Advisors and Ms. Fleming. We started off by informing them what we were going to do and how fun it would be. the children seemed to be genuinely interested in what we had to say and were very curious about different things we mentioned throughout our discussion.


The highlight of this event for me was when the students told us they had a lot of fun and that they wanted us to come back for another session– something we will do, soon 🙂

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