“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”

– Daniel Bell

Every semester, our school hosts a Tech Talk for the parents of our students. Its main objective is to keep the parents updated with the technological advancements happening because our school life is largely based on tech use. This time, our counsellors- Ms. Andrea Fleming and Mr. Steve Parenteau gave us, the Peer Counsellors, an opportunity to be a part of this initiative and make a difference.


We started off by brainstorming ideas with only one question in our minds- What would leave an impact on the parents? After a lot of thought, we agreed upon doing a small role play, presenting something that happens almost everyday- children and their parents arguing over the usage of technology in the house and the different turns that argument can take. We really thought that if we could show something that speaks to every parent sitting in the room, it could have a bigger impact, than doing something else. So, for our part, Youzhi and I decided on showing how parents sometimes initiate the aggressive route when it comes to communicating with their kids and do not adopt active listening skills whatsoever.


On the day of the presentation, initially, it was a little stressful because all of us didn’t know how it’d play out but once Youzhi and I got up on the stage, it was easier. Throughout the process, we kept getting positive responses from the audience and once that started happening, it calmed my nerves and also set a positive note for the next performers- Sarah and Caoimhe. When we were done, we had to leave a little early so that we don’t miss class time but we were told about how the parents were impressed with what we had to say and that made me really happy.


Watch it here!


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