“Creativity takes courage”

-Henri Matisse

For Semester 1 Creativity- I had chosen to do Visual Arts. The reason why I chose to do it was because it has always intrigued me but I’ve never been good at it and also, I do Chemistry. I really wanted to learn and explore the creative side of me. The first day was a bit of a challenge because I was amongst people who were excellent at it- one of them being my sister. I took longer to finish my work and that throughout my experience, was the biggest challenge fo me that I knew I had to overcome. The following lessons were relatively better because I could pace myself better, learning from the past experiences and the fact that I had also started to practise it in my free time was also a driving force. I drew things that I’m proud of and learnt a lot of new, different techniques.


These are some things that I made



Overall, it taught me how to be more creative and accepting of the fact that not everybody is naturally good at everything and it requires a lot of effort and hard work to become better at something. The commitment that I showed towards this art form really surprised me, along with the growth. I want to continue doing this whenever I can on my own and with the help of my teacher.


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