Second last semester: Personal Fitness 2019-2020

Second last semester: Personal Fitness 2019-2020

The personal fitness activity last year really helped me with my physical health and I hope to continue that this year with Savi and Disara. Although it is ‘personal’ fitness, working collaboratively makes it more challenging and enjoyable as we motivate and help each other however, the activity still focuses more on individual strength and growth. The biggest challenge for me is being committed to this activity, yes, it is more challenging that the actual workout. This activity focuses more on individual strength and growth.

We plan our workouts and timings ahead of time and share it with each other.  The workouts can be difficult but it is very rewarding at the end.  was able to focus and work on my weaknesses and strengths and with Savi to help me out last year and I hope to continue this in DP 2 as well. We were able to build upon our collaborative skills and really motivated each other each Friday to work harder. This is very helpful for me because having someone working out with me keeps me motivated to keep up with them. It creates a positive peer- pressure environment for me where I can push myself harder.

Savi and Author running in between sets of squats, planks, sit ups, etc.

Some of the learning outcomes from this activity are:

I am able to identify my own strengths and develop areas for growth in our sessions and Disara and Savi have also helped me identified some areas. This activity requires a lot of commitment, specially for a person like me, a lazy approach so such activities are normal however, my physical well-being is as important as my mental health, these challenges have been undertaken to improve my physical health and I am developing new skills in the process as collaborative skills and expanding my fitness knowledge. Savi and I started this CAS experience last year and our new supervisor for this year is Mr. Rossberg. The activity continues to show the benefits of working together and supporting each other.

I only do it once a week in school since it’s not practical to workout in school as the buses are later and I reach home quite late. However, I still try to workout once I get home as I want to improve my health. It’s very fun and encouraging when you are workout with a group of people, this is why I drag my sister along to the gym at our apartment.


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