Yes, My CAS Project: OSC Ambassadors T-Shirt

My CAS Project: OSC Ambassadors T-Shirt

OSC Ambassadors are one of the many services here in the Overseas School of Colombo. Our goal is to make our school community feel comfortable and open up about any mental problems anyone may be going through. Our service is taking multiple measures to help new students, however, to be a more established service, I have taken on this project to make a logo for our service as well as a shirt for the members in our service. This project is for my service however, the process does include creativity as I will be creating different logo designs for the service and design a t-shirt with the logo.

CAS Stages:

  1. Investigation
    This experience gives me opportunities for personal growth and development as I will be improving my skills in Adobe Illustrator. Part of my investigation was finding information about other services that have made T-Shirts in the past.

    Some information that Rajiv Madurawe shared about producing T-Shirts.


  2. Planning
    I had to plan for the logo and the T-shirt. This was quite challenging however, I was able to develop new skills along the process. This stage also is also very important before the action since it holds all the ideas and designs for this project. 1-2 service lessons were dedicated to logo research and planning. After looking at some examples, I made some rough drafts.


  3. Action
    Adobe Photoshop Logo Design
    Adobe Photoshop T-Shirt design
    The main part of the action of the is still yet to be done. Getting the T-Shirts printed.
  4. Reflection so far
    Learning Outcomes:
    1. Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth: I know my drawing skills from art was going to help me in the development of the logo for our service which it did, however, designing it on Adobe Photoshop was a challenge as I had never used it. These were the areas for growth that I was able to work on through this project.
    2. Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process: Designing the logo, then also designing the t-shirts and ordering it are things I have never done before, therefore these challenges have helped me develop new skills.
    3. Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience: Ideas were developed with Aditi and I since we are in the same service and we wanted our CAS Project to be related to the service. Even though we are doing projects to support our service, we took different routes. She started her website and I started my journey to create a t-shirt for our service members along with the logo.
    4. Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences: Since it’s an individual CAS Project, the perseverance and commitment to the project is very important and it can only be done if you are genuinely interested in the project and its purpose
    5. Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively: Sharing ideas to the rest of the group and voting for the best designs helped us choose the best design the majority liked which showed the benefits of working collaboratively. Working with Aditi also helped me brainstorm new ideas for the CAS project and she also suggested possible t-shirt color themes. Getting help from my peers who had more experience with Photoshop and designing t-shirts such as Taneishq and Joshua was also quite beneficial.

After a lot of calls and running around the school, the final T-Shirt has finally arrived. I had updated the list for the people who need the T-shirts as the group members have changed.

This is the front view of the t-shirt.
This is the back view of the t-shirt.

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