DP 2 CAS Goals

Goals for this year in terms of CAS

Last school year I had done OSC’s Room To Read for service and I have changed that this year. I wanted to do something new and OSC Ambassadors really stood out to me. Mental health is not always the top priority in communities and it’s important for these issues to be recognized. I wanted to continue Personal Fitness as it had helped me so much last school year and I will dedicate more time into my mental and physical well being.


I work with a lot of media in Art and I want to use creative ASA’s that will help me expand my artistic skills. I need to work on digital art and therefore, I am planning on working in the Yearbook Committee since they use Adobe InDesign to design all the pages in the yearbook. I want to develop skills working with Adobe InDesign and other softwares which I hope to achieve through this ASA.


Last school year Savi and I successfully worked on our personal fitness together which improved my health a lot. I was doing archery however it was not enough physical activity for my body that is why I stopped doing that. Since it had such a positive impact on my health and body, I hope to continue this activity this school year as well. We are currently in search of a new supervisor.


OSC Ambassadors are one of the many services here in the Overseas School of Colombo. Our goal is to make our school community feel comfortable and open up about any mental illnesses that they or anyone else may be going through. Our current focus is on new students; new students that come to our school community have little to no contact with the students and knowing some students prior to their first day will help them transition into a new environment. I hope to contribute as much as possible to our OSC community this year.


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