Yearbook 2019-2020 Planning

Yearbook is an year long commitment and it is a very creative activity where the students are allowed to expand their imagination and put some of those ideas in the Yearbook. We use Adobe In Design, Photoshop, Light room and Illustrator to create the Yearbook and I need to develop and improve my skills in this field. My goal help create an awesome yearbook with the team and also learn how to properly use the Adobe programs mentioned earlier.

The pages I will be working on:

  • (Senior Page) Joshua Edward Ferdinand Wright
  • (Senior Page) Luca Feuerriegel
  • (Senior Page) Milo Pringiers
  • (Senior Page) Nehemiah Senaratne
  • (Senior Page) Nithika Anouk Samarasinghe
  • (Senior Page) Rashmi Bopitiya
  • Advice for Seniors
  • (1) Baby Pictures
  • (2) Baby Pictures
  • (1) Secondary Art Show
  • (2) Secondary Art Show

I’ll be doing the 11 pages mentioned above, however, I will also be contributing to all the other senior pages as well since I will be doing personalized doodles in the background for every senior. Therefore, its also collaborative work.

Savi and I are working on the senior pages, we have created folders for everyone so they can upload their pictures which will go onto their senior pages. The folders are organized by each name as shown below:

Under each name, there are 2 more folders where they have pictures specifically for their senior page and another baby picture of them self which will be put on the senior baby pictures page.

We have advised all the seniors to have 10-15 pictures for their senior page so it’s not too empty or too congested. For e.g. I currently have 15 pictures as shown below:

On everyone’s page, we will have a mini description about them and to get this information, we also sent a google form asking a couple of questions shown below:

We are still working on getting the information from everyone and we are hoping to complete the senior pages over the December break. Savi and I have been working together on the senior pages since we can get work done faster together and the ideas and format need to be the same for all the senior pages.

Learning Outcomes:


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