Service Semester 1 Reflection

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Semester 1 – Reflection

This semester, we had a new service leader, Sanjana Kumari. She has been in our service since it had started and currently, she is the oldest member of the group. We also had a new team this year and all together we were 13 members which is quite a huge number. Students ranging from grade 6 to DP 2. We are a group of young minds and this team was the most productive and dedicated team we have had so far. We have been mostly investigating and planning for the secondary library. Hopefully we will be taking more of the actions to improve the secondary library.

Visiting the Secondary Library. Photo Credits: Raina Lockwood.



I think our communication as a service group was very strong as we discussed about all the important points as a group and evaluated each other’s ideas. We shared ideas openly and listened to each other’s ideas every lesson. Everyone followed the instructions given, my communication with my supervisor and Sanjana (Student leader) was also good. We have created a WhatsApp group so us three can discuss service related matters outside of the service lesson. It is a modern and fast way to get our ideas and thoughts across. We used to have meetings during lunch to plan out he service lesson.

As DP students, Sanjana and I are very busy, but we try taking out time to discuss about fundraising activities or service presentations. One thing we wanted to work on is the communication between us and the students in the Vidya Wardeyna school. Our communication has increased because we have been going to the school and interacting with the kids, trying to overcome the language barrier. We have played other games with them as well which has ultimately made our bond stronger as well. One thing I really hope we can improve on is the communication with the school about planning visits because this is always uncertain which makes it harder for student leader to plan the service lesson.

Communicating with each other to complete tasks. Photo Credits: Raina Lockwood.


Our collaboration as a group could clearly be seen while organizing the books from the book drive. Gathering materials and putting down ideas on how to arrange the secondary library as a group really shows how we work together. The students from the Vidya Wardeyna School also helped us shift books and set ups new bookshelves for the primary library in the beginning of this semester. It was a good way to work together and take decisions about the placing of certain objects. We know we made a difference for the school because the younger students were very excited and delighted by the new setting and all the new books we had put up on the bookshelves. I really hope the things will be taken care of properly and we will keep in touch after the secondary library is done.

Service Group Picture at Vidya Wardeyna School. Photo Credits: Raina Lockwood.


As a student leader, my leadership skills have definitely improved because with such a big team I always try to make sure everyone is on track which sometimes makes me bossy. Sanjana is a really good leader and working with her has really made us better leaders. With my supervisor’s guidance I have led our service group sometimes when Sanjana was absent. We have a service presentation on the last day of school for 2018, this is a bit uncomfortable for me, since I’m not used to speaking out loud to a huge crowd, but it will help me with my confidence and speaking skills. I really hope to finish the secondary library next semester as planned.  I am excited for the assembly, so we can present what we have achieved as a service group. The local school will have more books therefore, more sources for the students to learn from. We did help the local community as a service by increasing the number of resources and facilities, we improved the student’s education in some ways. As a group we accomplished a lot and I hope to accomplish more in semester 2. I will work harder and put more time into service for our group to have fun and build a stronger relationship with the school this year.

Adding new books to the bookshelves in the Primary Library at Vidya Wardeyna School. Photo Credits: Raina Lockwood




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