SGA – DP1 Class Rep

SGA – Student government  association. We have the SGA for the secondary school where all the class representatives are involved. Our purpose is to represent the Secondary OSC community and be their voice. Rashmi and I are the class representatives of DP1 2018. We are part of the SGA therefore we both need to give it our full efforts and attention to our school society and how we can improve it. We want to make the school environment a safe and friendly place where students are comfortable. We want all the students to feel as they can rely on the SGA members for any issues that they have might or encounter. In addition, we want our seniors to have the best possible Oscars they can have and therefore make it memorable. Oscars is an annual event where the focus is our seniors as it is they final years in OSC. We want to make sure that they cherish their memories of their time at OSC by giving them the best possible venue.

This is why one of our major goals for this year is to raise money for the Oscars event. We have to be creative with our fund raising activities and reasonable and the same time which can sometimes be difficult for me. With such a great team we had many creative minds working together to build a time-line of fund-raising activities covering every opportunity we have before the OSCAR’s event. In order to do this Bake Sale for SGA was a successful event at OSC where we raised a lot of money. 

Bake Sale – SAISA Girl’s Volleyball

  • We investigated what we wanted to do and this month we decided to do a bake for the SAISA girl’s volleyball event. This is a great opportunity for the SGA to raise money. our investigation is an on-going process for this semester because we have to continuously brainstorm ideas for fund-raising activities.
  • We all agreed to this activity and started preparing for the bake sale. We assigned shifts to everybody shifts and we individually decided the food that we can bring for the bake sale.
  • Action: On Saturday 27th October 2018
  • I brought in homemade samosas for the event. It was priced at Rs. 100 per samosa and they were the first to be finished.
  • I had a two hour shift in the morning, I was in charge of setting everything up and hosting it for the first two hours. Parents and volleyball players came after the restless volleyball games.

It was a successful as we raised a lot of money, all the food was sold. It was a great sale because the people who were hungry or tired from the volleyball games had something to eat and a place to relax since it was right in front of the gecko cafe. It was a great success and we will most likely have another bake sale in the future for such events. These small actions are going to be our small achievements and steps to achieve our major goal.

Type of service action:
The bake sale that we had done was an indirect service. We were provided snacks and refreshments for everyone who was involved in the SAISA Girls Volleyball tournament. The was also an activity for our SGA group to raise money. The money is going towards 2019 OSCAR’s which we are planning our for the secondary students. These actions are going to benefit the OSC community.

Approaches to creativity:
Ongoing creativity, All members in the SGA are engaged in creativity since it requires our ideas for activities and commitment to regularly meet every Wednesday lunch. It is an opportunity for the member to explore their leadership role to some extent and build their leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes:
SGA also allows students for experimental learning as it involves students exploring new roles as they take up responsibilities. Fulfilling the duties such as being involved in the meeting every Wednesday lunch,  fundraising activities, helps the members identify their own strengths and areas for growth. Personally, I know when I take up responsibilities or duties I complete it on time. Through this process, I am also developing new skills as these challenges are being undertaken. Regular involvement in the activity also shows my commitment and perseverance towards the activity. It is very important for us to collaborate with each other and plan each step in order to reach our goal, as a group we are able to discuss about the consequences of our steps and actions within our planning which makes everyone in the group aware of the importance and possible results of our actions as a group.

SGA itself involves creativity and service. We are for the OSC Community and we represent the students in our school. Rashmi and I are Class representatives for class of 2020 and therefore we are part of the SGA. One of our major goals for this year is to have a successful Oscars at the end of the school year. We need to take any opportunity we have to raise money to give our OSC community a great and memorable Oscars event.

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