Winter GALA 2018 – Stage Management

The author setting up on stage

Leading to the Winter Gala I was prepared to perform 3 group performances, Boys Voice, Girls Middle School Voice, and Guitar Ensemble. This would be my first time on stage musically and I’m glad that my music teachers Mrs. Duncan and Mr. Marlon provided me with the opportunity.

During the Winter Gala, I also had to also juggle around with the Stage Management Crew. I had to set up mics, lift equipment and plan. To prepare for this role I had two days of rehearsals where the team would learn how to set up equipment for specific acts and how to work together during clear ups and setups. I’m glad to be able to help Mrs. Duncan with this role as it is a vital role in making the Winter Gala work. We had a team of 6; Rashmi, Aidan, Emily, Olivier, Savi, and I.

The plan during the night of the performances was to divide the group into 3 on each side of the stage. This would allow us all to be efficient to set up and clear up the equipment. Individually, we all had specific roles, some had to fix mics and some had to help set up specific instruments.

Overall, the whole Gala went smoothly with very few errors in the set up which we overcame with communication and teamwork. I believe that as a whole the acts were successful and I learned how to work as a team on an event I have never experienced before alongside that I learned the importance and the knowledge of stage equipment.

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