Football Training

For my 2nd semester activity, I decided that I would train with the boy’s football team as much as possible before they depart for the SAISA tournament. Due to the COVID-19, all SAISA sports this semester had been canceled. However, before we stopped we had played one game already and had multiple training sessions. We played against Gateway College, who is a good team that we have been able to play practice games throughout the past years. In this game coach Turner put me as a center back (defensive position) with Kaalep. I played in that position for most of the game but once I was substituted and put back on I played center mid for the last bits of the game.

During the game, we played very well in the 1st half. We were organized, strong defensive, and even scored the first goal by Iason. Even the goal came from a strong defensive tackle that played a through ball for Iason to score. It was 1-0 after the 1st half for the home team (OSC). Unfortunately, the 2nd half wasn’t a reflection of the way we played in the 1st half. We let in an early goal which made the score 1-1. We were not as tight in the midfield and the defensive players weren’t communicating and supporting each other. Before we knew it we had let in 4 more goals which made in 1-5 to Gateway.

The game ended with the win for the away team, however, for our 1st game we played promising football especially in the 1st half against the 2nd best youth team in Sri Lanka. It is a shame that we had to finish our season so early on because I thought that we were making significant progress in training sessions. Once the curfew opens up and we all get back to school hopefully we can continue playing football either on Thursdays after service or during training days. Overall, I’m really glad that I decided to train with the team this year even though the plan wasn’t to travel. They are a great team and I have enjoyed playing with the team for 4 years. We have come a long way and grown a lot as a team and friends. I have learned and gained a lot of experience and knowledge playing in this team thanks to coach Turner, Scott, and Ramsdale. I wish the best for all the future teams and hopefully, we can get another SAISA trophy!

Links to IB Learning Outcomes:

  • I have definitely grown and developed as an individual on and off the field
  • I have developed my football, communicating, and teamwork skills
  • Throughout the football season, I have been committed and determined to be in each training session

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