Winter GALA 2018 – 1st stage experience

For the Winter Gala of 2018, I have planned to perform for the first time. Preparing and practicing for each performance with the Guitar Ensemble, Middle School Girls Voice, and Boys Voice.

Guitar Ensemble has been my after-school activity for around 7 months now from the start of the year. We had practiced every week on Wednesdays after school for 1 hour. Piece 1 which would be our opening piece is a called Wheels which is a fun and uplifting piece. My role was basically making sure to keep the rhythm throughout the song so that the melody players will know when to play. For our second piece, it was a Billie Jean which you must know is from the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. I really enjoyed playing this piece as being part of the rhythm section. Overall, it was great! with positive critics after the performance even after a rough rehearsal runs through.

Guitar Ensemble after the performances
Guitar Ensemble practicing on Wednesdays








My 2nd performance came as a small part with the Middle School Girls Voice however, it was as important for me and to the choir. I played a small section of an arpeggio chord progression during the chorus. The song that Middle School Girls Voice sang was Infinity by One Direction. To be honest I wasn’t very fond of performing a song from Once Direction when my music teacher Mrs. Duncan recommend me to do it. In the end, I just realized that it would be a great an experience for me on stage anyway so I disregarded the fact. I still enjoyed playing the song with a great bunch of talented and fearless girls, the bassist who was a teachers husband, a drummer who was Emilio, and Mrs. Duncan as my first individual part for a group performance.

Group pic of the Middle School Girls Voice and band players

Boys Voice came to be my 3rd performance on stage as we played Get down on it by the Kool and The Gang. This was a really cool song to play with a lot of funk elements. We had a bass, electric guitar, trumpets, piano, synthesizer, and of course the voice. It was a great way to end the final coming acts as it was a celebrative and joyful song. I played a riff throughout the song which I thought was really cool and added originality to the song.

Group pic of Boys Voice with band players

In conclusion, this was a great first experience of being part of a Gala. It was exciting, nerve-racking and just amazing. I will definitely try to be part of the upcoming Spring Gala in April!

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