Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our school decided close campus to ensure the safety of the students however, they introduced the DLP (Distance Learning Program). This would allow students to continue with their assignments and continue with the yearly attendance. At the beginning I found it difficult to work from home and the amount of time spent sitting and looking at a screen felt unhealthy. After the first week the school decided to adjust the timing of the school schedule which I thought was better as it allowed me to be more active and avoid sitting for long hours. Trying to keep active was important for me in school as I enjoy playing sports. I also enjoyed playing music after school and during lunch time for the guitar ensemble. During the DLP I had to try new and learn new way to continue my CAS course and to do sport, music, and some sort of service at home.

Before school closed it was football season and I was going to training session during week and weekend. Luckily the apartment that I live in has a gym and pool that is still open to use, which allows me to stay active during the week. I go to the gym and pool several times during a week after the DLP. Gym routines vary time to time but it starts always with stretching and a run then weights for the shoulder, bicep, and legs with reps and rests in between. One day I did a 5k run with my brother on the treadmill with a cool down in the pool. Doing pull-ups and pushups is something that I try do regularly at home as it is easy to do anytime of the day. Yoga and meditation is something that I do time to time with my mother as I find it very relaxing and the stretches help with pains and aches. I miss running on a field or on a court but having to stay active while being at home is important, so I plan to continue with my gym workouts throughout the DLP.

To be creative at home was easier than I thought as I always wanted to improve my guitar skills and expand my knowledge of Garageband to create music. In addition, to making music in the music course I continued to experiment with Garageband at home by making beats and songs. Luckily I have a midi controller and a amp wire to record my guitar onto Garageband. There is also a way to use the keyboard on the computer to play chords for different instruments which made it possible to play instruments I don’t know how to play. In biology we were given a project of our own liking so I chose to make a song on Garageband on a new biology unit (Ecology and Conservation). In addition, for the final assembly Anouk, Young jun and I wanted to perform Clocks by Coldplay virtually on Zoom to the grade. In preparation I had to produce and mix the music that Anouk and I recorded for Young jun to sing over. I feel that I’m getting much better in understanding the tools in Garageband each time I try to make a song or beat. I also have been learning new songs and licks by Sublime, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon on the guitar with a pick.

I found continuing my service routine the most difficult in the DLP. Every Thursday I’m used to going to the workshop to continue our projects for H&H but since I’m at home, I have tried new things. It’s always a good time to learn more recipes especially more now since I will be going to university soon. I have been helping my father in the kitchen, making lunch and dinner time to time and have been more comfortable with the kitchen equipment. I have also tried to be more helpful around the house so I do the some cleaning and take out the garbage. Overall, DLP hasn’t been easy but I have been able to compromise and continue learning new things, staying active and being helpful around the house as much as I can.

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