Cat Family 1 (ongoing)

This is still an ongoing project, so there will most likely be many more to come


So for a long period of time, ive been feeding these 3 cats

the ginger cat is called ginger and the 2 kittens are Shiro and Chai. it’s not visible in this picture, but the main way you see if its Chai or Shiro, is the feet, as Shiro has white feet, and Shiro is the Japanese word for white.

We mostly take care for them on simple levels, usually food and some shelter underneat out sink, and sometimes in our basement. As this goes on there will be a variety of larger events, which eventually will get their own posts


Our very first medical activity was getting the two kittens to a nearby vet. They identified their gender, both male and they estimate they are around 6 weeks old. Definitely, the scare was that they were diagnosed as malnourished, as they weighed them on the scale and they were underweight. I, unfortunately, do not have pictures, as the vet under new covid rules, only allows one person to bring their pet, so I did not have my mom or dad to take pictures doing the process. In order to solve this, the vet recommended giving them soft food, and yogurt. which we have been doing over the week


3 Future ideas are:

getting the kittens their vaccination, when they were brought to the vet they were to young to get them, but its been 2 weeks since then, and they now should be old enough

Bringing ginger to the vet, first as a general check up, but also to find a source to a particular problem. Me and my mom observed how she drinks an abnormaly high amount of water, even for an adult cat. My mother thinks it may be something relating to her kidney, although we can try to find whats the problem, theres not much we can do to solve it

Getting the entire family spayed/neutered. We dont want the cat population to rise to much.

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