Aniq’s CAS Journey

My extra-curricular activities at OSC

Room To Read Second Quarter (First Few Lessons)

We had a lot to work on when we returned to service as the second quarter began. Our primary target is to earn enough money to create a library at the Vidyaloka School, therefore we needed to think of new ways to raise funds. We’ve recently been attending several school events where we put up…

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Art Club First Quarter

For the past few weeks, I’ve been consistently attending art club every Tuesday. This activity allows me to explore new media and help find new ways to create art. The art club helps me to further develop my skills as an artist and to further explore the subject, which allows me to improve my work…

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Room to Read Beginnings 2023-24

It’s been a little over a month since the start of the new school year, and my service group has been developing in the right direction ever since. As a service leader, my peers and I meet with our advisor (Ms. Lockwood) every Tuesday at lunch to discuss and plan out how our service would…

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DP Orientation Trip

When comparing this to my previous experiences at Border Lands I realized that I learned a lot more this time than the last few times I’ve visited. During this trip, I learned to work more with others and be more collaborative. Some of my highlights along the way were the 12-meter jump into the lake,…

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My CAS Goals

Creativity: I am taking part in art club to learn about different art styles and techniques. I will be inspired by the work of famous artists and hope to develop my own unique style. I will study their work and read articles as well as experiment with different materials and techniques. Action:  For my action…

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