RCCI Final Yearly Reflection

Over the past year in RCCI especially throughout these tumultuous times we managed to plan out many events and lessons for the kids if the possibility opened for us to go back to face to face and resume service normally. As seen from my previous CAS blogs about service, I talked about almost everything we did within the past year and how we were more organized than any of the other years that service was conducted in. First when we started service, it was difficult to find out the current situation that we were at because, we were on the verge from having school opening back again. (LO4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.) But once we had the confirmation that we were going to be on DLP for a while, we started to plan for lessons that we could have in the upcoming year if the situation got better. We planned for 12 lessons which was equivalent to about 12 service weeks, I think especially from this planning experience I gained a lot of knowledge onĀ  working together and raising ideas for a final outcome and what made it was more difficult was that we had to do this online through screens without face to face. Whilst planning for the lessons, we were also planning to create a podcast to raise awaren-

ess about the RCCI service group and the communication impairment diseases these students have. (LO6 Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.) This especially was something good because we were trying to raise awareness about these diseases and also bring upon more people for our service group. We next moved on to planning for an online session, (which can be seen in my previous blog) for the children which consisted of an arts session where we all gave the students something to draw and at the end we held an online arts exhibition where we show cased all the students artworks. From this I think I importantly gained the idea that these students need a lot of attention and care where this knowledge might possibly help me in the future if I had to do something similar. Our last and most recent project was a fundraiser we were planning for a student with Autism on the high end of the spectrum. We got to know of this child from our RCCI service coordinator and we thought it was a great idea to help this child out mainly because his parents dont have enough facilities to aid him. We spent about 3 lessons planning what we could do, and finally we came up with a fundraiser which will go on in the newsletter and the daily bulletin where families could donate money to the family in need. I think looking at the big picture of all the projects we endeavoured in there was a main component of planning which went into it. From this, I learned a lot about planning a project/fundraiser or even education events but at the end of the day it all boils down to helping the RCCI children with the much needed education and awareness they need. (LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.)

Some pictures of the events/planning:

Online Art Session
Online Art Session
Planning of the Art Session
Planning of the F2F sessions

Learning Outcomes:

There were many learning outcomes that we accomplished during this process, to state it shortly they were, LO2 which is demonstrating that I have undertaken challenges. Some of these challenges were planning out all 12 lessons with the rest of my peers over zoom and also planning the art competition. But also planning the podcast. Another learning outcome that I used was LO3 and LO4 which is demonstrating how to initiate and plan a CAS experience and showing commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences. I would like to think that planning out the lessons and the art competition is a CAS experience as it involves many of the learning outcomes but also helps you with many of the real world circumstances like planning. I think also another learning outcome that we accomplished was LO5 demonstrating the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively as essentially the whole planning process was done with other peers, and especially doing it over zoom really made it harder to work together. Lastly and most importantly LO6 was seen everywhere during this process as this learning outcome is, demonstrating engagement with issues of global significance. The idea of disabilities and spreading awareness about them is on global significance and planning art contest/lessons about these ideas is demonstrating engagement with issues of global significance.


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