RCCI – CAS Project – Planning Process

Prior to School starting this year, the RCCI service group as a team was discussing different projects we could host for the benefit of the students. We discussed sponsoring a sensory deprivation room, buying new school supplies, hosting fundraisers and many more. But for the Rehabilitation Center For The Communication Impaired students my co-service leader and I are planning to host a student workshop to provide an interactive learning experience to better their communication skills (LO6). Our goal is to get in touch with the supervisors and the head teacher at RCCI to facilitate this online workshop and also to provide an opportunity for learning with different art projects to express their communication skills. As like my previous post about the RCCI art workshop we held (link: https://cas.osc.lk/lpiyatunga22/2021/05/02/online-art-session-rcci-service/), this year we are trying to hold a workshop the similar way but with a different subject. We first thought about doing an t-shirt design competition where the students could design their own t-shirt design for the RCCI service group where we would choose the best t-shirt design and create a t-shirt around that design. Where we could also use that for a charity t-shirt sale in which the money generated could be used to fund the sensory deprivation room at the RCCI school. We talked about this option in a lot of detail, but we thought that having a competition might possibly hurt some students mentally. (LO5)

Figure 1. RCCI Face to Face

We currently are deciding to shift this focus into having a mini art exhibition online where they would create any art piece they want and at the end of the session we would as their parents to take photos of their art pieces and send it to us where we will create a presentation showcasing all their art pieces. To improve upon this idea, we also have thought about giving them stencils to follow therefore we can use the best of our time and they wouldn’t have to spend time asking us for ideas (LO1).

We thought that this would be more of a confidence booster for all the students in which they would be proud all their art pieces will be showcased. We will also email this to their teachers where they could also share it with the students parents.

Alternative idea we had was to conduct a workshop to help the students with their english communication skills. However after further thought, we thought that this wouldn’t be feasible due to their short attention span and the fact that they wouldn’t enjoy having another english lesson especially after they had one in school. We are planning to have it on a thursday because it is when service is held for our service group in OSC and it would be easy to conduct it with everyone present in the same room (LO5). We are still in the early stages of planning however we are trying our best to organize a good event for the students and also an educative one.

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