Kitten update + Ginger

during the last week, my family and I were worried as we could not find the kittens. I’d often climb the wall looking for them, but just yesterday we found them again in our basement

Although we want to interact with them I think they’re to young for that. When we do pick them up they get quite loud especially the black one called Kuro. we also noticed that when we put them into a different box they would hide under the towel we think they were too sensitive to the light. We just make sure that Ginger is well fed and hopefully they will grow well.

Another possible future one is getting Ginger to the vet. Although it is better if we vaccinate than neuter we think we should neuter her without the vaccine. She is a more stray cat and we think that once shes had the first trip to the vet she will not be willing to go again. For now, we’re just trying to get her comfortable with the carrier as she is very skeptical about entering it.

Kitten Update

One task we’ve been doing regularly is just looking inside the box Ginger’s litter is in and taking a short video. Often they are just cuddled together or bundled up but we have seen recently that they are starting to take their first steps, and just yesterday they almost got outside the boxNo description available.

we’ll have to see how they develop, as eventually, we have to bring both the kittens to the vet for a check-up, but also Ginger as she needs to be vaccinated and then neutered.

An assortment of videos

Backyard Cat family – New – goodbye

It has been going for a long time with new developments for the cat family. The biggest probably being that Ginger has very recently given birth to 3 new kittens. They are very fresh as they are still blind and cannot walk, much younger than we found Shiro and Chai

No description available.


She hides in our basement, being that there are many boxes down there. We make sure that the boxes are comfortable enough for them. we quite often make a nice bed for her with a towel but she always wants to stay somewhere else. However, the more important topic was giving Shiro and Chai away. We could afford all the pet food for them, but managing one mama cat, 2 young cats, and 3 kittens would be quite the ordeal. I decided a better idea of “advertising” them would be to reach out from school. Contacted Chloe who referred me to Ms. Francemone as she had a friend/teacher called Anna that was willing to take them. It was definitely sad for me to give them away after caring and raising them for so long, but I knew they would be in good hands with Anna, they had a much larger open area compared to our back yard, they also had a dog and judging from the conversation between my dad and her this dog did have experience with other cats/kittens. I am still in contact with them and I sometimes ask for little updates on their development, they were definitely scared of the new surrounding, as when we arrived and let them out they immediately hid under our car. Though I’m sure they’ll like it there

I may add or create new posts here if there are any big developments, one possibility is them becoming comfortable at their home. Anna and her husband made a small area to contain them at home, just so they can get used to their surrounding. I only gave them on the 7th of march, its a bit less than a week, but they seem to be getting more comfortable there.

This is a picture from Anna showing a certain place Shiro and Chai like to hang out

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Here are some pictures of them while I still owned them

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No description available.and just a few more kitten pics.


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Cat family 2

Kittens :

they seem to be growing healthily now, they are no longer malnourished and we have been weighing them and they continue to gain. although Shiro is still the smaller of the two, they are stil eating healthily, so there does not need to be a worry of them having a disease. Vaccines will still need to be done, but because they are very small its easy to pick them up and bring them to the vet



Now ginger had had some events. Firstly the most concerning is that we want to try to neuter her, however, she does seem to already be pregnant again, it’s unfortunate but I think we will need to abort them.  This isn’t really laziness, but it’s already a handful trying to take care of a mama cat and then 2 kittens, it would be a lot harder with 1 mom, 2 juveniles, and then X newborn kittens. However capturing her is proving quite difficult, I try to gently grab her but she always moves away. My dad tried a bit stronger, but she lashed out and cut him a bit. we sent some messages to vets, to see if they may have a cage or trap we can try to capture her.

Service Idea (cats in the neighborhood)

I have an idea for something I can document as a service, with confirmation from ms fleming. Even before the summer break, I had been feeding some stray cats around the streets. there’s a couple that always appears on our wall in the morning which I feed. and although I have not fed them, I know that there are many more cats nearby. Near my house, there has been a construction site of the new Egyptian embassy, and there is a trio of cats which I assume have been getting scraps from the construction workers. I don’t know names or how frequent, but I also know of another stranger who also feeds that trio. I think my main steps though, is finding which areas they are frequent in, and possibly naming them for convenience


12/1 – Continuation

Further expanding on this cat idea, I may not be able to keep going out and feed these many cats, likely due to it either being too much of a trip, but I also believe that many of these cats are already fed, as they have a very well-groomed and clean coat. However, one plan which I think may have more significance is helping a particular cat who I’ve called Bubzy.

As you can see he does look a bit banged up. He appears to have 2 major issues, one being his swollen face and how very bent his ears appear. Regarding the swelling, I found it could either be a tumor or abscess, which is similar to a large pimple (but can’t just be popped). Another possibility which I think is most likely is he either has a tooth abscess or tumor, I believe this because I see that his teeth are not in the best condition, but he also drools a lot which could be the effect of this tooth abscess. Regarding the bent ears, there’s also a variety of possibilities. The 2 I think is either he gets into a lot of catfights and gets his ears scratched, or he either has fleas or mites causing him to scratch. I think the ear problem is just as important as the abscess. The picture does not highlight it well, but he gets very very bloody ears. sometimes they look very fresh, and even that the skin itself is peeling off.

I did attempt to bring him to the vet during wellness day, but he proved tough to catch, I almost got him into the cage, but right as I was about to close the lid he suddenly jumped quickly and got out. although I have ideas on what ailment he has, I can’t do much to treat it. Which is why I want to bring him to the vet. Looking on the internet it seems that even just a bit of anti biotics may help him. The only problem I worry is that we bring him there, and they say it would be better to put him down, which would break my hear