CAS Goals for DP2

My Dynamic DP2 CAS Goals:


  • Mural work 

As a way to deal with boredom over lockdown and quarantine, I started making collages and drawing. It eventually turned into me creating a mural on my wall with these collages and drawings. I’m not an artist, but making art has become very normal for me and I can spend an entire day drawing, painting, cutting, and gluing. I have a scrapbook where I combine my art with magazine pages, clippings, or quotes in any way that I see fit. I also enjoy using watercolors and markers to draw and paint random things (they don’t look amazing, but it’s enjoyable). The main point of creating all of these collages, paintings, drawings, and poems is to combine them and make somewhat of an art mural on my wall in my room. This will be something that allows me to develop new and original pieces of art as well as new skills.

  • Join Yearbook club (?)

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process– art can be challenging for me, so I am learning from my mistakes and developing my skills, learning about how to make yearbooks

LO4: Commitment and perseverance- continuing to stick with the projects 



  • Swimming 

Unfortunately with the current global and local situation, swimming on the OSC Gecko swim team is not an option this year. In order to keep up swimming, I plan to swim at the pool on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. When I do go to the pool at Gregory’s road before class, I usually swim continuously for around 45 minutes. It isn’t the normal swim training that I’m used to, but it’s just nice to be able to swim.

  • HIIT workouts 

In order to stay healthy throughout the rest of the year, I plan on attending HIIT classes. These classes stay constant and are in person when it’s safe and online when cases get bad. The classes are on Monday after school and Saturday at 8 am.

  • Home workouts 

Other than HIIT and Swimming, I will also exercise by walking the dog when I can, doing ab workouts, playing soccer, walking, and running.

I will record all of my activities on a google doc calendar.

LO 1: Identify strengths and develop areas for growth– swimming: focusing on my main stroke as well as my weaker strokes and focus on improving them (technically and times). home workouts: targeting specific muscle groups or elements of fitness to focus on

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process– challenging myself in and out of the pool, developing my strength and speed in swimming and workouts

LO4: Commitment and perseverance– not giving up on staying active and long workout programs 



  • Gecko inc

As one of the service leaders of Gecko inc this year, my plan is to ensure that all of our service goals are carried out to the best of our abilities. It is also a goal to bring in younger service members so that when Ritheek and I leave, we have other service members to take charge of the service group.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively– work with others (at school or home) to help wherever it is needed

LO6: Demonstrating engagement with a global issue– climate change and its effect on the oceans, child education, pollution 

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions


Possible CAS project plans: 

  • Digital coloring book
  • Podcast (for overseas students during the pandemic)
  • organize a beach clean up or student group

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