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COMUN- Practice Debate I

 Practice Debate – I

                                      Practice Debate 1. Taken by the author

Colombo Model United Nations, known as COMUN, is a student led educational simulation activity in which students participates as delegates to debate about the global issues and design creative and practical solutions to the issue. Along with this they also learn about diplomacy, international affairs and relations, and the United Nations. This year COMUN will be hosted again by OSC in which more than 400 delegates will be predicted to participate. I am working as the Deputy Head of Technology for COMUN since the past 6 months, I’ve been working hard with the rest of COMUN technology team to make this 25th year of COMUN  a great success. In this practice debate I focused on showing commitment and demonstrate skills and the benefit of working collaboratively.

Helping with resolutions and engaging with the chairs. Taken by Deputy Head of Technology- Youghi

3 weeks ago COMUN had its 1st practice debate which was my 1st time experiencing COMUN as an executive member rather than a delegate. Delegates from OSC, BIS, and other international and local schools in Colombo attended the session and the debate was conducted as the actual conference, with all the MUN rules and regulations. During the practice debate, I along with the head of technology, head of media, and another deputy head of technology had a lot of work that day as we had to prepare for the final conference in March and also prepare for the practice debate going on. There were a lot of designing work such as designing placards, medal designs, delegate ID design, point system, maintaining website, taking pictures of the debate with adding watermarks then uploading on the website, and many more. During the practice debate I learned a lot about photoshop and learned new techniques for taking pictures with DSLR. I had to also help the debates such as I had to print and allocate the resolutions for every committee and help with any technological issues around the committees such as projection issues, point system, and internet issues. When I went into committees for various reasons, sometimes I went to General Assembly 3 which was my committee as a delegate last year and over there I met some delegates which were in my committee last year and I felt kind of surprised that I was in their committee but now I’m handling their resolutions.

Author with the other Deputy Head of Tech in General Assembly 3. Taken by Head of Media- Milo

However besides all the work, I had a great time because all the other members working with me were very social, collaborative, and a lot of fun. We worked as a team and helped each other out every time. I’ve also learned a lot from these people such as technological skills, about school studies, and more about themselves as well. The Exco is made of members from different schools in Colombo and it’s usually fun and we work hard when the members in your department are from your own school. In the technology department, all were from OSC and I know them very well, we have spent times during school, out of school, and sometimes on fields. I think this bond is the strategy for COMUN’s all technological aspects to be successful. Now I’m more confidence for handling COMUN’s technology for the final conference but I think I will learn more in the upcoming 2 more practice debates.

Helping with the projection. Taken by Head of Media- Milo

Working with the point system. Taken by author.

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