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Gecko Factor: Tech

Gecko Factor

          Gecko Factor is an OSC event in which students show their various talents and are judged by school teachers. After learning a lot of technical work in different fields such as COMUN, event crews in SAISAs, etc., I wanted to show my talent of technical management in gecko factor. I cooperated with GeckoNet and was involved in their activities with taking photos with Calvin to managing lights with Vinuda. On that day my goal was to identify my own strengths in technology and develop areas for growth along with showing my commitment to Gecko Factor.

At the balcony with GeckoNet. Taken by Vinuda

During the event I began by taking photos with Calvin downstairs in the auditorium and I was able to execute my learning on photography techniques from COMUN to Gecko Factor. Although this was my last year at OSC, I wanted to continue learning and enhancing my technical skills. The challenge I faced during photography was taking shots from a downward view, I took help from Calvin who taught me some new features in the Gecko Net camera which were designed for these types of events. Afterwards I was comfortable in taking photos for GeckoNet. During the time I developed my skills in photography by being exposed to a new platform; a stage. This was the 1st time I was involved in taking images of performances and was a great experience. Although I developed my photography skills, I learned a lot from a GeckoNet member, Calvin, who consistently gave me guidance with photography and afterwards with videos as well.

Grade 12 performance. Taken by GeckoNet

During the 2nd half of Gecko Factor I moved towards helping out with light and sound management with Vinuda, a member of GeckoNet. This wasn’t new for me because I did work with lights and sound before but I have always required help with learning some commands. I knew the basic controls but had confusions with the complex color coding which specific performances required. I began managing sound and Vinuda on lighting because sound was easier to manage and I was able to recall the sound control techniques I have learned earlier. However when I worked with Vinuda on light management, I found it difficult due to the different color codes and the system itself was quite complex. I constantly asked Vinuda for assistance and he taught me some new system combinations for producing certain color, type, and depth of light on the stage.

Working with light controls. Taken by Vinuda

Although Gecko Factor was a short event in terms of timings, I was able to learn more advance techniques in photography and controlling the light and sound systems from members of GeckoNet. Personally, I think this was more productive for me than participating in Gecko Factor as a contestant because I was constantly involved with technical managements for GeckoNet and I have been involved with many technical events.



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