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1st Semester service reflection

Recycling and Sustainability

Recycling and Sustainability’s semester 1 group. Picture taken by Mr. Lockwood

1st semester of recycling and sustainability service  in DP 1 was more productive for me as before any other semesters I’ve done of service so far. During this semester as a service group we regularly once a week collected recycling papers from all classes at Overseas School of Colombo, have provided recycling boxes to classes which require one, and this semester we have some new students which helped a lot. This semester we also have some new bags which I think are more efficient and consumed less time as the bags after being filled can be straightly loaded on the truck and be recycled.  We also have a new senior member joining our service this year.

As I mentioned that this semester was in which I was most productive because of actions I’ve taken towards waste management and service. During this semester I’ve completed designing a service T-shirt which now in 2nd semester will be in the printing process. I think this will be a way in spreading the message of reducing ecological footprint. I’ve also helped Devin in his CAS project for waste management and it’s efficiency at OSC. This was my 1st semester as being a DP student and I also learned many responsibility of leadership, helping younger students with their reflection, and providing recycling boxes in each room.

This semester we also have a biodegradable food waste system named as biogas plant, located behind the science lab. This biogas plant takes in waste and executes gas which can be used as fuel. The main aim for this bio gas is to reduce food waste at OSC, produce methane (CH4) as a gas for burning, and be used as fertilizers. I think this one of the efficient ways of using waste as a positive product for burning gas in OSC’s kitchen. This will be helpful for the environment now the percentage of waste in Colombo might have reduced because a school, which usually has a high waste production, is now using it’s waste as a fuel consumption. Now I’m looking forward in semester 2 for the printing of my T-shirts for service then buying a 4rth bin for ‘other’ waste for OSC, and the biogas plant.

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