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Back to Running!

It was a long recovery process after I sprained my ankle because I had to stop running and other impact sports. However, now I am back to running!

In order to build up my ankle’s strength, during the December break, I went on walks and hikes. (Being extra careful not to misplace my step and re-injure my ankle!)


On a hike! (Photo taken by Loan)

I have started going running about 5 times a week at an outdoor running track near my house. Since I am quite busy studying for mock exams, I run between 2-6k, depending on how much time I have. The almost daily runs are a nice break from my computer and online school as I run with the view of lush bright green rice paddies and the occasional snake, monitor lizard, pelicans, and storks.

I hope to continue this habit and gradually improve, running faster and running further for the rest of the year.

Going on a run!

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