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During our brainstorming sessions with the Reefkeeper service group, we decided we wanted to revamp Green Tips as an action for this semester. I volunteered to take charge of this project with Julius. For each Green Tip, we research a reasonable way for people in our community to become more environmentally conscious in their everyday life. Then we create small infographics using Canva explaining the tip and reasons why they should start applying it in their everyday life. Then we share a new Green Tip every week in the school bulletin, later we will also share them on the Reefkeeper’s Instagram.

Before starting to create the tips to share, Julius and I planned the design of the infographic, the goals for the project, and the information we want to share during our weekly Reefkeeper service meetings.

Below are some of the Green Tips I have created this month for the bulletin:

Through this project, I have learned new facts and actions that I have applied to my own life, for example using bar hair conditioner. I hope that our school community also becomes aware of the impacts they can have by doing something as small as bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store or checking the ingredients of a sunscreen bottle on a global issue like pollution.


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