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A Christmas Hike

While staying in Koslanda during December break, on Christmas Eve Talia, Loan, my mom, and I pulled on our leech socks and set out on a hike. After a bumpy tuk-tuk ride up to the start of the hike, we set out. We hiked through the forest, tea, and a rubber plantation, stopping at three different waterfalls for a swim in the cold, yet refreshing water.

Melting house at a rubber factory

View from the top of a HUGE waterfall!

On the hike! (Photo taken by Loan)

Although the route was tiring we finally hiked down to the main road where we rehydrated with refreshing coconut water and walked back to our hotel. On the road, we saw one of the waterfalls we visited the top of at the very bottom.

Waterfall view from the bottom

The next day, after exchanging Christmas gifts we set out for a short hike to another waterfall for a swim.

Another waterfall!

Our time in Koslanda was full of hikes, monkeys, and waterfalls (and not too many leeches). We took on a new challenge of hiking in Koslanda and exploring a new area we had never visited before.

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