SOS Village Semester 2

This semester there were some new students who joined our service group and we shared our experiences from previous semester with them to give them an idea of what we’ll be doing for the rest of the semester. This semester with new people who joined the service group we continued with our reading. We read some books to them and asked them some basic questions about what they heard while listening to them and then we asked them to read stories to us to make sure they also engage in those activities. This was really fun and we also asked them to make some questions for us about the book they read, so, that they get a better understanding of the book that they read. We were given marks for answering the questions that they asked about the books they read, and each person who answers the question were given one mark and we were given more marks as we answers more questions. The idea was to improve their English Language skills by letting them hear and talk in English. It was really fun to share stories with them and was also really fun to listen to the stories that they read for us.

As we wanted to try something different next quarter, Mr. De Silva came up with a new plan for them to help them improve their English vocabulary skills. We are planning to make a spelling contest for them in the upcoming weeks which we are looking forward to and we hope that it will be really fun.

Making Classic waffles

On one of the IB well days that we were given to get away from our screens and normal DLP routine, I made some classic waffles with my mom. I was told by my little cosine to made them since a long time and I got this change to make waffles for him and my family. It was my first time making waffles but it didn’t take a long time to make them after mixing the ingredients together because all we had to do was to put it in the waffle maker to bake. I also made a chocolate sauce using coco powder and sugar. I also didn’t take a long time to make the chocolate sauce but it was a bit too salty that it meant to be. So, I had to try adding more chocolate powder to make it sweet. It was really fun and interesting and I was happy with what it looked like after they were made. I also shared them with my family and my little cousin as he really like them. The waffles were heart- shaped and it was really fun to made them. 

Rock Climbing in Australia

I have heard and seen of rock climbing many times but didn’t really get a chance to try that out in my real life. I thought it’s a bit scary and didn’t wanted to go when I first heard that we are going. But last January, in Australia we went rock climbing with my family and some of my friends and it was a really cool experience for me. We were given many instructions before we officially climb the rock and we were also trained by the trainer how to climb the rock. As that was my first time, I was honestly nervous. But surprisingly, I got a chance to climb up to the top with my dad’s and my friends help. It was really interesting. I had to ask for help many times from the service staff and the trainers as it was a completely new experience for me and I felt like I was going to fell down. I also had to trust the person who was helping me with

Caption here

the rope as the rope was for to help me to climb the rock without falling down. I also helped some of  my friends and my parents with the rope which was really hard for me as the rope was really heavy. I didn’t stop after the first time and continued it until I climbed up to the top and even after that I tried many other types as they were many types of rock climbing from easiest to hardest. I didn’t get a chance to try all of them but I tried few of them which was really fun. We only had about an hour or two to keep rock climbing and because of that we had to hurry. It wasn’t enough for me even after completing many of them as it was really fun for me. We went indoor rock climbing that time which was probably more easier than outdoor rock climbing but next time we really hope to try outdoor rock climbing as well.

Badminton Practice

I haven’t payed badminton since a long time after I stopped it when I was in grade 5. But I always wanted engage in some sport or activity during the lockdown and the DLP as we don’t really get a chance to do so. So, I decided to go to play badminton as I had lots of free time during DLP and it was really important for us to stay away from our screens. I went to play badminton with my brother and a badminton trainer. I played badminton for a month for about an hour each day. Badminton was always one of my favourite sports to play that I was never got tired of. It was really interesting to get a chance to practice playing badminton again for me and my brother. We also had some competitions between us to see who wins and who has practiced the most and both of us got chances to win. I could only practice playing it for about a month because we didn’t get a chance to play it when the school started last October. But I got some chances to go back to play it with my brother during the weekends. I felt like I improved some of my skills that I had already forgotten. 

It was a huge stress reliever for me and it was a really fun way to spend time during lockdown period and DLP. I really hope to be. able to head to a court again as soon as possible when I get a chance.

SOS village service meeting

I chose SOS village as my first service group because I wanted to be a part of the group to advance sos villages’s kids english skills and make sure that they are well engaged during service through different english learning activities. On the first day, we discussed our goals and our plans like fun items such as reading them children’s storybooks, the importance of visuals in those books, playing Kahoots etc. We did so many things for them so far as we made introduction videos for them, we made Christmas decorations which was really fun. We shared our ideas and discussed how we are going to make more fun activities for them and how to work online with them. Our service leader, Sanya always encourage us and ask our ideas to make sure we are engaging in what we do. I think this is the perfect service for me and I’m looking forward to develop my skills be working with others over the coming months.The CAS learning outcomes involved in this CAS experience are: LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5, LO6, LO7.

Beach Picnic

During the holiday, me and my cousins went to the beach. It’s been a while since I last went to the beach because of lockdown.It was really nice and the weather was really good as it didn’t rain and it wasn’t too hot.There was a cold breeze which made the trip worth it. We played volleyball and cricket as a group and few other people joined us. We enjoyed it as there were so many things that we could do other than swimming. We made sand castles and collected seashells. We couldn’t get out for a while because it was so relaxing. It wasn’t crowded which made the the trip worth it. We stayed in the beach for more than 4 hours by talking, swimming and playing games. It was a great day to catch up with family.

Activity CAS Goals

It is important to be healthy while being quarantined at home. So, for my CAS goals I decided to focus on my personal fitness and my main CAS goal would be to stay fit and get stronger by doing workouts, exercises, yoga and going to the gym. I hope to eat a healthy and a balanced diet in order to get the results faster. I hope to do workouts using some workout apps at home at least for 30 minutes per day or go to the gym to do cardio exercises by running on the treadmill and riding the exercise bicycle. I would also like to focus on some other activities like badminton and swimming in order to maintain good fitness. I would like to go to play badminton at least twice a week while I’m doing the workouts at home. By doing these exercises it helps me to control my body weight, strengthen my muscles, improves my mood and improves my quality of sleep. I’m looking forward to seeing the results and identifying what I need to improve.