DP2 CAS goals

As it’s the beginning of a new semester in school, I’ve decided to create a post dedicated to the goals I have this year. Due to the ongoing pandemic and current lockdown, it’s been a challenging year. Despite this, I’ve come up with efficient goals to do at home.


This year, I would like to mainly focus on art and music. These two categories would definitely fall under my favorite entertainment areas. I would like to create an art portfolio for not only the upcoming art exhibition but also for college since I plan to major in industrial design. Secondly, music has always been a part of my life. I used to learn ‘Carnatic music’ (traditional south Indian music) from my mother since I was a kid. Once I started my DP years, I wasn’t able to make enough time for it. This year, I would like to practice my vocal skills whenever I have free time. Karaoke is something that I love to do when I am with my friends or even when I’m alone and bored so this will definitely help with improving my singing skills.


In general, I wouldn’t call myself a sporty person. This year, I would like to improve my lower extremity. Since the gym is open to residents with necessary precautions, I am definitely going to be visiting it more often. In addition, I’d like to use youtube yoga videos to improve my posture, strength, balance, and flexibility. I’ve heard of the many benefits of yoga – some of these including better heart health, stress management, and better sleep. I think yoga will greatly benefit me since my mental health tends to oscillate between being overwhelmed and vice versa.


This year, I’d like to continue participating in the previous service I was in which is ‘girls for girls’. This feminist group allows us to discuss fundamental ongoing problems and have educated debates about topics such as abortion and gender inequality. Another service that I would like to begin is dosomething.org ¬†which is an online volunteering space that allows people from around the world to help the world in many ways. Some including collecting food items for your local food bank and cleaning up cigarette butt litter to make the earth cleaner.

This senior year, I am very excited to being these exciting opportunities and succeed in them!

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