Pasta la vista

Since it’s summer and we’re in the middle of lockdown, I get hungry pretty often. Today, I randomly started craving pasta so I decided to make some for myself. Personally, I think cooking is a really fun and calming activity so I enjoyed doing this.


  • Pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Pan
  • Onion
  • Water
  • Bell pepper


  1. Fill up a pan with some water and let it boil.
  2. After a while, add the pasta sauce with the pasta following it.
  3. While mixing these, start cutting up the onion and bell pepper.
  4. Grate the mozzarella cheese to add more taste to the dish.
  5. Lastly, mix all of it and don’t forget to add a bit of salt.


Through this process of creating pasta, I had a lot of fun. I was able to do something productive with my time, especially since I have a lot of time because of the pandemic. This has also allowed me to have fun while making something healthy for myself (vegetables !!). I’ve improved on my cutting skills, too! In addition to all of this, I feel like cooking is an important skill for me to know, especially since I’m a senior who will be graduating soon. This means that I’ll be partaking in my college journey independently, and improving my cooking skills will definitely play a major role in my future. I think this really allows me to be prepared in terms of home skills and I just had a lot of fun creating this dish by myself!

Learning outcomes observed:

1. Strength & growth
LO1 Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth. Students are able to see themselves as individuals with various abilities and skills, of which some are more developed than others.

2. Challenge and skills
LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
A new challenge may be an unfamiliar experience or an extension of an existing one. The newly acquired or developed skills may be shown through experiences that the student has not previously undertaken or through increased expertise in an established area.

3. Initiative & planning
LO3 Students articulate the stages from conceiving an idea to executing a plan for a CAS experience or series of CAS experiences. This may be accomplished in collaboration with other participants. Students may show their knowledge and awareness by building on a previous experience, or by launching a new idea or process.

7. Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
LO7 Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions Students show awareness of the consequences of choices and actions in planning and carrying out CAS experiences.

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