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The Advocate 2020/21

Featured image: cover of advocate 2020-21

Ever since online school started, the after school activities and services were closed off and I had to make my own activities such as learning Italian during quarantine so that I could keep being active and filling my CAS requirements. However, this semester OSC has restarted their ASA’s and Service clubs which is really exciting! This year I wanted to try something new and so I decided to join The Advocate magazine. I decided to join this club as I had been regularly submitting my photos for the magazine and I wanted to help even more by being on the editorial team. The Advocate is a literary magazine that consists of poems, prose, photographs and artworks by OSC students. I really love the idea behind The Advocate and how it gives a stage to students to showcase their creativity and artistic skills which was another big reason that made me join this club.

Working on The Advocate during online school.

The Advocate team had already been working on a magazine which was supposed to come out in April but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was postponed. There’s so much uncertainty about the school reopening and we wanted to get the magazine published as soon as possibly which is why we shifted from the traditional hard copy print to a digital copy. To showcase the digital copy, Me, Tanay and Ayush created a website for The Advocate. The Advocate website showcases not only the newest edition but also the previous editions of The Advocate Magazine. We also aim to keep updating the website with all the newest student submissions and newer editions of the magazine. Furthermore, I am also advocating for foreign language submissions with translations and Movie/books/restaurant reviews which are currently in talks. We are also going to be working on making a commercial to encourage students to submit to the advocate and trying to market this idea to them. I will be leading this side project at the start of next semester.

The newest edition of The Advocate magazine

The Advocate Website

Working on The Advocate website

Overall, this semester of The Advocate has been really productive. I can say that I have contributed a lot to this magazine in such a short time. I have worked hours on making the website aesthetically pleasing and making sure everything works to perfection alongside my colleagues Ayush and Tanay. I have contributed a couple of ideas which could be enhance the quality of the magazine. Moreover, I have also helped in writing emails to advertise the newest edition of The Advocate to student, teachers and parents.  My plan moving ahead will be to start work on the commercials, regularly update and contribute to the website and help with the magazine that comes out next year.

Learning Outcome

  • LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
    • Website making was certainly a new challenge for me and it took me a while of playing around with the website to counter the problems, certain skills have been developed as well such as working collaboratively towards the main goal during distance learning.
  • LO4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
    • I have shown commitment through actively engaging with The Advocate group once a week for an hour. I have also contributed to a couple of ideas which could enhance the magazine’s quality and also regular maintenance of the website.

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