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Much of DP1 was disrupted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily Sri Lanka hasn’t been affected much and so I am grateful to be back in school. Due to COVID-19, there are restrictions placed on contact sports or close proximity activities and so that has affected a lot of the activities that I do for CAS in school. So, I’ve had to replan and adapt to these situations in order to meet the IB CAS requirements.


For creativity, I had started learning Italian over distance learning but I wasn’t able to keep up with it every single day, I would do it for a few days and stop which disrupted the language learning. Hence, this time I want to focus on Italian every single day for at least a minimum time of 20-30 minutes.


During Distant Learning Program, I used to walk every evening in my terrace and so I started to track my steps and set up a goal of reaching 10k steps every day. Again I wasn’t able to do this every day but it was a good way to make sure that I wasn’t just sitting on my bed or table throughout the day. I want to continue doing this but since the school has started and I’m walking most of the time, I have decided to make the goal a bit more challenging by doing 15k steps everyday.

Morning and Lunchtime Frisbee: Recently, we have been allowed to play Frisbee and it is a pretty nice way to spend those times as well as social distance. Through these Frisbee sessions, I want to improve my Frisbee skills. Currently, I am pretty terrible at throwing the Frisbee and I think a CAS blog would be a good way to show the improvements.

Gym: I have recently started Gym after school for at least an hour 30 mins sessions for four days a week. My personal goals from going to gym is to get much leaner as I’ve started to gain some weight due to not being able to be as active in DLP. I have also started dieting to better the process.


OSC Reef keepers – I have decided to stay in reef keepers this year again. Service activities have been approved by the school and so hopefully we will be able to meet up again. This year again we will be collaborating such as selling Reefkeepers T-Shirts for awareness, events and planning new socially distant events and activities.

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