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Eco-School Update

The Eco-School is a newly established service group in our school that aims to improve our campus environment and become more sustainable. At the end of the Eco-School journey, the school gets awarded a Green Flag (certification of sustainability).

The 7 steps of Eco-School

As seen in the above photo, there are 7 steps, ranging from simply forming a committee to producing an eco code. As of right now, we have finished the first step, and formed two communities:

  • Committee A: A small group of students who meet with Mr. Poulous every Thursday. This committee serves to organize meetings, decide on our next steps, and our agenda to discuss with our larger community (Committee B).
  • Committee B: A large group, consisting of not only students but also teachers, parents, and other staff. This committee serves to brainstorm ideas and help provide a more complete perspective of the school.

I was a part of Committee A which first worked on creating a Committee B and registering for Eco-School. Currently, we were working on making an environmental audit which will be sent out to the teachers, students, and staff members. This will give us the data on what needs to be improved upon and changed. After this step, we will work on devising an action plan.

Due to Eco-Schools being shifted to Thursday which is a day reserved for Reefkeepers. I decided to solely be part of the Reefkeepers but I will still be a part of the larger group (Committee B) and will still try to contribute to Eco-School.

I’d say our campus is fairly eco friendly but there’s still a lot to be done and hopefully, the Eco-School program will help in the different areas.

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