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Meditative Coloring


Looking back on Meditative coloring

I signed up for meditative coloring in an attempt to make time for self-reflection and so that I could have a sufficient amount of time to work on my creative expression skills. I also recognized the effectiveness of meditative coloring as a means to relieve stress. Although I had originally planned to participate in meditative coloring for the entire duration of the year, recent developments in extracurricular opportunities available to me have caused me to reconsider my decision and to explore other options. This is not in any way as a result of a fault of meditative coloring; as I have truly enjoyed my time in the activity, and even though I didn’t meet my goal, I was able to successfully use the time as a means to relieve stress and to enhance my creative abilities.

Future Creative Endeavors

Joining the art club

In the immediate future, I will begin participating in OSC’s Art Club, which will begin the quarter by focusing on printmaking. Printmaking has always been one of my favorite mediums to work in, and I am extremely happy that I will be able to explore this skill further in the coming quarter. As I begin Art Club, it is only appropriate that I set a CAS goal for myself.

Creating a new CAS goal

Joining OSC’s art club is an opportunity for me to develop my artistic skills and to explore new media. Through this experience, I hope to gain a much deeper understanding of art, specifically printmaking. I aim to demonstrate the technical knowledge that I gain from my participation in the club by creating two fully completed studio artworks by the end of the school year.

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