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My (Quarantine) Routine


Quarantine’s Impact on my daily life

Despite all of the negative impacts of COVID-19, quarantine has had some definitively positive impacts on my life, specifically in terms of my physical health and my ability to structure my day as I see fit (which allows me to stay focused and motivated). During this time, my normal daily routine has seen some radical changes, specifically with my sleep schedule being altered, and the structure of my day left in my hands. Pre-COVID, I would wake up at 6 a.m., eat breakfast and get ready for school, get on the bus at 6:30, and begin the day’s lessons. These would conclude at 2:40 and I would begin my daily extracurricular activities (which usually lasted anywhere until 4:30-6:00). Upon completing these, I would head home for math tuition, SAT /ACT study, or, on rare occasions, an early dinner. After dinner, I would study for a few hours and then get to bed usually at around 10:00. However, during quarantine, I wake up at 8:00, take my time getting ready and enjoying breakfast, begin lessons at 9:00 and finish at 3:45 (with plenty of breaks and a generous amount of time allotted for lunch). After that, I will usually work out for an hour and 30 minutes, which is immediately followed by dinner, some Netflix, and SAT/ACT study or schoolwork until about 11:00 each night. These changes have been difficult to adapt to, but the slower pace of life is something that I can appreciate (temporarily at least).

My Routine

How I maintain Structure

A recently-completed 1000-piece puzzle

Through this difficult and unusual time, I have had been lucky to have the opportunity to connect with my family in a way that I am not usually able to. Quarantine has allowed me to spend more time participating in activities that we all enjoy and that bring us closer together, such as completing puzzles, playing catch with a football, or even just talking more often. moreover, I have placed a special emphasis on maintaining my creativity by working on several art projects and drawing or painting in my free time. Moreover, quarantine has allowed me several opportunities to help others in a number of ways. For instance, recently I have aided my brother by reviewing several assignments, and I have offered my services to primary teachers as well. By doing all of this, I am able to retain a sense of normalcy and thus ensure that I stay sane for at least another month. In the future, I think it will be extremely challenging to keep up my aforementioned routine due primarily to the fact that one can only do something so many times before it becomes mind-numbingly boring. Thus, I will continue to explore new interests and to work on building my arsenal of fun things to do so that hopefully, I make it through this mentally (and physically) sound.

Staying Active in times of COVID

One of the most critical facets of maintaining structure in my daily life is staying active and receiving an appropriate amount of exercise. Throughout the weeks that I have spent at home, I have used a number of activities to ensure that I stay physically healthy, chief among these being my newly imposed workout regimen of weightlifting which I do for approximately an hour and a half each day, six days per week. This is supplemented with activities such as playing catch with my younger brother Charlie or chasing Tippy (my dog) around the yard.

Reflection and Future Plans

General Reflection

Ultimately, being inside for the past 5 weeks has allowed me to better understand the value of spending time with family and has brought me even closer to the people I love (although granted, one does get irritable after a month indoors). I attribute my mental wellness to my active lifestyle and my ready participation in physical activity despite the limited resources that are available to me, and I hope that in the coming months I am able to experience the same good mental health, high effort in schoolwork, and general happiness that I have had thus far. In the future, I will spend more time on activities that can improve other facets of my wellness, such as meditation, journaling, or even writing more CAS posts. My quarantine routine has been working so far, and I am taking appropriate steps to make sure that it keeps working for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, The affinity that I have developed for self-reliance, perseverance, and resilience will allow me to effectively manage quarantine and will prove to be skills that I can carry forward throughout my life.

Learner OUtcome Reflection
  • Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
    • Finishing a 1000-piece puzzle was certainly a challenge, but my main new skills have been developed in the physical sphere. Through my new workout regimen, I have made myself significantly stronger and have begun to see real changes in my body.
  • Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
    • My ability to maintain my physical fitness clearly demonstrates commitment and perseverance

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