The Event

On the 12th of March the Karuna Trust charity hosted an event at the BMICH for its 17th anniversary. My grandfather is the founder and chairman of the organisation, and me and 2 of my cousins were asked to speak at the event, to welcome all the guests. My job was to do the introduction in English, while one of my other cousins did the same thing in Sinhala. The rest of the event then proceeded with people talking about the history of the charity.

Speaking at the event (Photo by Author’s mother)

About Karuna Trust

There were videos played showcasing all that the charity has done, from building libraries and supplying schools with books, stationary and other resources. They have also built computer labs, built entire schools, laboratories, musical supplies. They also provide scholarships and financial aid to students, built sport precincts and supplied sport supplies. Every year for 600 school children they supply backpacks, books, shoes and more.

Building a house (

Building a school (

The charity has also built many homes for people in the Northern part of the country who were affected by the Civil War. Furthermore Karuna Trust has developed rural communities such as by restoring an entire tank to provide a massive reservoir of water for an entire community.

Restoring Kasamaduwa Tank (

Finally, the charity also has a big impact in health care, by providing clean water, building sanitary and hospital facilities, clinics, supplying medical equipment. One of their more recent projects include helping the visually impaired by giving them sight.

This charity has impacted 10’s of thousands of people around the country, and I was very proud to speak on behalf of my grandfather for this event.

Learning Outcomes

In terms of learning outcomes I have demonstrated engagement with issues of global significance, as poverty is a major issue not just in Sri Lanka but also around the world, and helping and doing my part by speaking during this event is just a small part of what I have done with this organisation. Throughout my life I have been engaged with the charity, and this is my most recent point of engagement. Furthermore I have identified one of my own strengths, by going up on stage and speaking to many people in the audience.

Visit the Karuna Trust Website to read in much more detail what the charity is doing and has done.